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Some problems about spotafriend

Sir, I would like to report a problem about your app. The problem is that how can we match if someone swiped (ticked) your right cause to see that someone swiped you you have to get ultimate access so it means that you can only match if you've a paid account?? That's really bad sir not everyone would like to pay for it.That means this is app is of no use for the free users? you can never see you swiped you right! That's so frustrating 臘 and I would like to ask about notification too why doesn't it notify us that someone texted you?you can't check everytime to see whether someone replied or not 路

i can't open the app anymore, please can someone help me

my account got banned for no reason, can someone shed some light on this?

I forgot my password but I don't remember what email I used
Comment re avoir son compte supprimé ?
I want to delete account

@Tom Taylor

Simple steps to delete your account : 

  1. login in your Spotafriend account.
  2. on the top left, tap the "Profile Icon"
  3.  select the "Settings" section.



You will see a delete profile option located at the bottom of the page.

Have a good day.

@Jerymie Roales

Hello, just try uninstalling the application and then reinstalling it.

Have a good day.

It is not not showing photo of others
When i do the watch ad for 30 mins to see who swiped on me it just doesn't show any ads and sends me back in the app
@Kostantino Work I have been having this problem for 2 days. Were you able to figure it out?
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